Kim Crosiant

Kim, a lifestyle blogger born and raised in Texas, is an advocate for healthy living. She loves to spend her time in nature and is passionate about eating healthy. Kim started her blog Mommie…Again right after she and her husband became their grandson’s permanent caregiver – in other words, his parents. Kim, her husband, their son and two adopted dogs live in a small town just north of Fort Worth.

Kim’s writings on her blog include stories about gardening, DIY home & body products, healthy recipes, family travels, women’s issues and of course, activities and adventures with her little one. Because Kim considers herself an “Informer Blogger with a voice”, she is very conscious of her readers and only writes what she is truly passionate about.

When she’s not behind her computer, she and son Brody are playing outdoors, working on crafts or visiting the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History.