Alayna Flannery

Alayna Flannery

Food Blogger,

Alayna is a huge believer in living a healthy lifestyle to not only 
feel and look good, but to be there for everyone you love to the best of 
your ability. She came to this significant realization by growing up 
without a father due to colon cancer. She believes most diseases can be prevented 
through adequate nutrition, and the first step in doing that is eating 
foods with nourishing ingredients. Alayna is dedicated to spending her 
time helping others figure out how exactly to do that. Even though 
eating healthfully is one of her major priorities, she still thinks the 
key to living well is through balance and moderation, being guilt-free, 
and having fun!

Alayna is currently studying to become a Registered Dietitian and 
Certified Personal Trainer. She is in the process of creating her own 
private practice where she has already grown quite the fan base on 

Other than loving all things health, Alayna especially enjoys spending 
time with her family and friends, traveling, exploring, and 
(surprisingly) playing video games.

Alayna’s Favorite Chosen Foods Products

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