Alicia Galantic

Lifestyle Blogger Healthing You

Alicia has engrossed herself in the plant-based lifestyle so much that it is her passion by creating, educating, and sharing content to inspire others to live a full vibrant and abundant life. She has been working in the natural industry with some of the best food companies. She dedicates herself on learning as much as she can about this lifestyle to make herself an ideal example along with growing her brand Healthing You to be the best it can be.

Other than cooking nourishing food and trying new restaurants, Alicia loves to travel, do hot yoga, be close to the beach, and spend quality time with friends and family. If you ran into her on the street, she most likely has a kombucha in her hand and is on her way to stack up on more fruits and veggies. She is a true health foodie at heart and loves a good conversation or spontaneous event.

Each meal is an opportunity to express true self-love

Alicia’s Favorite Chosen Foods Products

The Chia Stickpacks are definitely the best. I bring them with me when I am traveling to add it to just about anything for a convenient nutrition boost.

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