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Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry blog about a family friendly approach to an ancestral lifestyle at the popular website, A suburban family, Stacy is a working mom and her husband Matthew is a stay at home dad who raises 3 active young boys – Cole (born 2005), Finian (born 2008) and Wesley (born 2010). Together they have lost over 200 pounds, and changed the health and wellness of their boys (behavioral and physical) after adopting a paleo diet in 2010. Stacy has been a speaker at national conferences focusing on health and wellness, and appeared on local television, international radio shows, podcasts, and in national print media, like Woman’s World Magazine. Since launching the blog in 2010, Matt and Stacy have authored three, best-selling cookbooks, Eat Like a Dinosaur, Beyond Bacon, and Real Life Paleo, as well as the popular ebooks 3 Phase Paleo and Paleo to Go. The Paleo Parents’ award-winning recipes and healthy living advice has been featured in several national publication and many sites online.

Matt & Stacy’s Favorite Chosen Foods Products

Since first discovering Chosen Foods Avocado oil, it has become our go-to fat of choice. The high smoke point and smooth flavor make it the ideal versatile cooking fat, but we also love it as part of salad dressings and dips in order to eat more vegetables; after all, what good are fat-soluble vitamins and minerals without healthy fats?!

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