Megan McCarthy

Megan McCarthy

Healthy Lifestyle Chef, Healthy Eating 101

Megan McCarthy is a healthy lifestyle consultant, advocate and chef teaching you how to prepare and incorporate fresh and delicious foods into your everyday eating lifestyle. Her creative culinary experience and enthusiasm brings healthy foods to life while putting you at ease in the kitchen. She is the Edible Garden Chef at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and creates recipes focusing on simple, fast and fresh ways to enjoy the local and seasonal edible abundance as well as saving you time and money by showing you how prepare delicious dishes with ease. Along with regularly teaching healthy cooking classes, she also conducts Lunch & Learns and teaches easy cooking techniques that focus on employee health and wellness in a corporate work environment. She has recently been featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Best Self Atlanta Magazine and Edible Atlanta for her fresh and simple recipes.

With an extensive background in natural foods, she brings together new and old flavors and techniques paired with a well humored delivery that brings health and well-being into unchartered territory. She is classically trained in improvisation and restaurant schooled in fresh food prep so she shows up with knives and a sharp wit to teach her clients how to live better, healthier and happier lives. She has also been regularly featured on HLN’s Weekend Express, CNN’s Accent Health and Lifetime’s The Balancing Act with her unique and healthy perspective on food and lifestyle. She writes recipes for national food clients and is a personal chef/instructor for those with unique dietary requests.

“I believe in the power of clean foods in our everyday eating lifestyle and Chosen Foods is keeping it simple for us with their fantastic line of culinary staples to keep us on course!”

Megan’s Favorite Chosen Foods

I am so excited to have found the Chosen Foods Avocado Mayo!
I have been waiting for a product like this to come about for a long time.
Chia seeds and Quinoa are part of the Superfoods Essentials that I teach clients about for an everyday eating lifestyle.

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