Monica Lee

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Monica is a 26-year old female entrepreneur who is infatuated with all things FOOD and FITNESS. Though her journey hasn’t been very long, she has learned so much about herself along the way. Moninca’s story is filled with plenty of frustration and tears, some of pain, some of joy. How much of each doesn’t really matter, because now she is HERE.

Monica does not eat perfectly, nor does she follow a specific “diet”. Contrary to popular belief, Monica BELIEVES you should be able to eat whatever you want. That being said, she also believes that if your body is disagreeing with the food you are putting into it, you should not be putting it there. Monica Lee really has adapted the Paleo lifestyle. She has tweaked it to fulfill her needs, lifestyle and goals. It has done wonders for her health, inside and out. Monica does not follow the “ paleo diet” 100%, nor does she encourage anyone to do so. We all have different dietary needs and our bodies respond accordingly.

If you don’t cook, she wants you to start. If you have been glued to your couch everyday before and after work, Monica wants you to get up and get moving. She wants to improve your day-to-day quality of life.

Monica’s Favorite Chosen Foods Products

Avocado Oil- It is my favorite oil to use in salad dressings and to make mayonnaise with!
Mayonnaise— I love the mayonnaise because it has that hint of sweetness to it. It is subtle but really makes for a dramatic finish to your first bite!

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