Nicky Omohundro

Lifestyle Blogger Little Family Adventure

Nicky is the creator of Little Family Adventure, a healthy food and family travel website. Her site is dedicated to helping families cook healthy real food, meal plan, and get active together.

As a mother herself, she knows the value of eating healthy and encouraging her family to make healthy choses for themselves. Her philosophy is “When you eat healthy, you have the energy to get out and explore the world around them. You never know where you¹ll find your next adventure.”

“Everyone should have access to healthy foods. I love that Chosen Foods is committed to making their products available in places where healthy options are hard to find.”

Nicky’s Favorite Chosen Foods Products

My favorite product from Chosen Foods is their 100% Pure Avocado oil We cook a lot of roasted vegetables and salads. This oil has a high smoke point, 500°F, making it ideal to roast vegetables at high temperatures. The flavor is mild and works well in salad dressings and marinades too.

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