Sheila Smith-Florencio

Chef, Blogger Real Gluten Free Meals

Sheila is a self taught cook & foodie who decided to take on a healthier lifestyle after realizing that certain foods were making her sick. With a self-elimination of specific ingredients, she discovered gluten and dairy were the cause of her ailments. This is what motivated Sheila to start a food blog and how Real Gluten-Free Meals came to life. Her approach is to share recipes that resemble all the foods she loves without compromising health and taste.

Not only is she accommodating with a wide array of recipes, but provides information so you too can make informed food choices on your own. She firmly believes that what you put in your body is a direct reflection of how you will feel everyday and especially in the long run. Sheila only uses quality ingredients in her cooking ranging from Organic to Non-GMO products. Sheila’s Gluten & Dairy free recipes promises to deliver meals that can be yummy, easy, and healthy for you too. Her motto is: real food, real easy, real flavor.

“What you eat is so vital to your health – foods can either contribute to your illness or attack your illness.”

Sheila’s Favorite Chosen Foods Products

Sheila’s favorite Chosen Foods products are the Avocado Oil and the Organic Chia Seeds. She uses the Avocado Oil to sautée fresh vegetables and meats, and it works as a wonderful ingredient in homemade salad dressings and marinades.

Sheila also loves the health benefits that the Avocado oil provides and is Non-GMO. Her other favorite product at Chosen Foods are the Organic Chia seeds, which she can toss in her favorite homemade puddings or use as a topper for fruits and smoothies.

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